wish to make a very brief contribution in the debate on the Building a Better Victoria (State Tax and Other Legislation Amendment) Bill 2014. I could not let the opportunity pass for me to talk about the irony of the government talking about building a better Victoria in respect of the bill. I made a contribution earlier today in the grievance debate about how this government is out of touch with communities, and talking about building a better Victoria in the context of this budget and in the context of some of the measures contained here is very ironic.

Firstly, I welcome the reduction in payroll tax. I think that is a good initiative. Being able to see some of those business taxes reduce over time, as we saw happen when we were in government, is important.

However, I want to put on the record on behalf of my community the enormous concern there is about the increase in vehicle registration fees. I know that for many in my community, in the current context of concern about the economic situation, which has been added to recently by concern about the federal government’s budget and the impost that will be on many families, this legislation is not really about building a better Victoria. This is a cash grab by this government, and it will hurt communities, just like the new motor vehicle duty will also hurt car makers. I thank the house for the opportunity to make a brief contribution to the debate and to put on the record on behalf of my community the concerns about that new increased tax.