Barwon Heads Library

The City of Greater Geelong recently announced its intention to close the Barwon Heads Community Library. I have been working closely with the local residents and the administrators of the council about this issue. It is absolutely critical, in my view, that this important local asset remain open, and I reiterate today my full and strong support for keeping it open. In doing so I again call on the City of Greater Geelong to reverse this short-sighted decision.

Following the announcement I met with the council administrators and I did welcome their commitment to delay the closure of the Barwon Heads library until 30 September to provide more opportunity for the community to speak to and work with the council and really to hope for a decision reversal on this issue.

It is absolutely incorrect to close these libraries in small communities when this particular public asset is so critical to the community. As the Save Barwon Heads Community Library group has said, local libraries increase engagement, reduce isolation and perpetuate community spirit. As the local member I could not agree more with that sentiment. Again I respectfully call on the council administrators to reverse this decision, to acknowledge that they have got this wrong, to agree to continue to open this library and to involve the community in its ongoing future.