Only Labor will rebuild Portarlington Primary School

Victorian Labor will rebuild Portarlington Primary School.

Under Labor’s $5.5 million plan, Portarlington Primary School will be rebuilt. The project will fix rising damp and mould, rotting woodwork, poor ventilation, peeling paintwork and asbestos.

Labor will also ensure that local companies have priority to work on the project.

Portarlington Primary School is a wonderful school, which needs to be matched by great facilities.

The Napthine Government has ignored Portarlington Primary School with no money to rebuild it.

Only Labor is committed to Portarlington Primary School and we will provide the world-class facilities our students deserve.

Key Facts 

  • The previous Labor Government helped develop the Portarlington Primary School Master Plan and committed to upgrade the school in 2010.
  • The Napthine Government has so far refused to provide the funds to upgrade the school.
  • The Napthine Government has spent only a statewide average of $203 million a year on capital works compared to an average spend of $469 million by Labor in its last term in office.
  • Many projects were abandoned by the Napthine Government halfway through rebuilding and schools don’t have the funds to finish the job.