The Victorian Government has committed to undertake a review into the operations of Bellarine Community Health Service, in particular its accountability to the local community. This includes the extent to which the decisions and actions of Bellarine Community Health Service are aligned with community expectations.


An independent reviewer will conduct a review of Bellarine Community Health Service under clause 9 of its Funding and Service Agreement (the Agreement) and inquiries under relevant sections of the Health Services Act 1988 (the Act), to assess whether that service has complied with the requirements of the Agreement and the Act.

In particular, this review will:

1. Assess the organisation’s performance in relation to its delivery of services funded by the Victorian Government under the Agreement, including whether Bellarine Community Health has in place appropriate governance, financial management and risk management processes.

2. Assess the organisation’s compliance with the requirements in the Act, including the registration criteria, and consideration as to whether the organisation has adequate links to the community to which it provides services.

In conducting the review, the reviewer will have regard for a range of factors including:

1. The policies and practices in place at Bellarine Community Health Service that support performance of the organisation’s obligations under the Agreement and its compliance with the requirements of the Act; and

2. Participation from community stakeholders.

All community consultations will be subject to confidentiality requirements set out in clause 18 of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Funding and Service Agreement.


Date                                 Milestone
February 2015                 Formal notification to service of review
March 2015                     External review engaged and review commences
April – June 2015            Review conducted, including stakeholder consultation
June 2015                       Review report finalised