Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville has called on the Australian Transport Safety Bureau   (ATSB) as a matter of urgency to investigate an incident where an aeroplane struck a truck while landing at the Barwon Heads airport on March 29.

Ms Neville said given the seriousness of the incident it is totally unacceptable that the ATSB have stated that “they will not be investigating the collision as there does not appear to be any systemic issue”. ( GA 4/4/17).

I have today written to both the Chief Commissioner of the ATSB, Mr Greg Hood, and the Federal Minister for Transport, Darren Chester, requesting that this collision be immediately investigated, Ms Neville said.

Without overstating it, it is not hard to imagine that this collision could have easily resulted in something far more devastating and therefore it is not good enough that no investigation at all is to be carried out, Ms Neville said.

Ms Neville said that with local residents reporting planes flying over the Barwon Heads Road extremely low on a regular basis this incident should be ringing major warning bells for the ATSB.

I have lobbied both the council and the airport on behalf of residents in the past requesting changes to flight patterns because of these exact safety concerns, Ms Neville said.
Ms Neville said many serious accidents have a history of prior warning signs, near misses and minor incidents. And as local member I do not accept that the ATSB can just let things continue as if nothing has happened.

This is a serious collision that demands investigation, Ms Neville concluded.