Member for Bellarine, Lisa Neville, today announced major local road safety improvements for Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

Ms Neville said, “I’m delighted to be able to announce that, if elected in November, an Andrews Labor Government will provide funding for significant traffic management upgrades to improve road safety in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

“Both towns are increasingly popular as tourist destinations with visitors from across Australia and internationally.

“They are also both centres of population growth. Young families and retirees in particular are moving to Bellarine and into these towns and the surrounding areas.

“This has seen a significant increase in both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and the inevitable traffic management concerns and safety issues that arise.

“Labor is committed to dealing with these issues.

In Barwon Heads we will commit $800,000 towards road treatments to improve safety for pedestrians.

“VicRoads identified Bridge Road and Hitchcock Avenue as having the most through traffic and the most pedestrians.  For example, in January this year over a weekend, from 10am to 1am, there were a total of 981 people crossing.

“I will work with the local community and VicRoads to ensure that we understand the needs of residents and businesses and the best ways to create a safer environment for locals and visitors.

“In Ocean Grove we will commit $1 million to deal with traffic management issues in and around the dangerous intersection of Marlin Drive and Tuckfield Street.  These two busy roads and the intersection are used by increasing numbers of pedestrians and traffic, accessing local schools and the sporting facilities at Shell Road.

“This is a top priority for the community and has been identified by VicRoads as needing traffic lights, but they have been unable to secure the funding.

“If elected, an Andrews Labor Government will ensure that both Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove have significant upgrades to manage the current traffic issues.

“We are committed to ensuring that these two popular, beautiful towns are safer and easier to get around for both locals and visitors to our region.


Further Background:

VicRoads has released statistical data to support our priority “hot spot” of Bridge Road and Hitchcock Avenue roundabout having the most through traffic and the most pedestrian crossings.

A survey undertook ‘desired lines of connection’ of pedestrians, in other words where people like to cross, in January 2014 over a weekend, from 10 am to 1am.

Hitchcock/Bridge Road corner, east 461 crossings, north 249 crossings, west 131 crossings, south 140 crossings.

Total = 981 crossings.

Bridge Road opposite IGA = 67 crossings.

Bridge roundabout west, 61 crossings,

Bridge roundabout opposite BH Hotel 263 crossings,

Bridge roundabout east, 171, Bridge roundabout north 120 crossings.

Total = 615 crossings.

Of 480 cars and trucks travelling east along Bridge Rd, 52 turned left into Hitchcock Avenue and 13 turned right into Hitchcock Avenue South.